Three Days Episode 4 English Sub

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Three Days Episode 4 English Sub / 3 Days Episode 4 Eng Sub
One of awaited drama this week, after "Man From Another Stars" ended. Starring with Park Yoochun, Son Hyun-joo, Park Ha-sun, Yoon Je-moon, So Yi-hyun, Jang Hyun-sung and Choi Won-young.This drama is predicted to be as popular like "Man From Another Stars"

Also known as 3 Days
Genre : Action,Thriller
Written by Kim Eun-hee
Directed by Shin Kyung-soo,Hong Chang-wook
Starring : Park Yoochun,Son Hyun-joo,Park Ha-sun,So Yi-hyun

Synopsis Three Days 
The President of South Korea goes on holiday at a private villa. In the middle of the night time, three gunshots are usually fired, and the president will go missing. His bodyguards, directed by top notch realtor Han Tae-kyung, have three days to find the president and escort him properly back to the Azure House.
Three Days follows the intertwining fates of those sworn to guard the president, the elected president himself, his political staff, and the true power players in the shadows who choose whether he resides or even dies.

Park Yoochun as Han Tae-kyung
Son Hyun-joo as Lee Dong-hwi, President of South Korea
Park Ha-sun as Yoon Bo-won, police constable
So Yi-hyun as Lee Cha-young, SWAT team agent
Choi Won-young as Kim Do-jin
Yoon Je-moon as Shin Kyu-jin, chief presidential secretary
Jang Hyun-sung as Ham Bong-su, chief of the Presidential Security Service

Watch Three Days Episode 4 English Sub (Cooming Soon)

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